Our Senior Leadership

Bronwen Elphick, Chief Executive

I have been the CEO of DTV CRC since its inception in June 2014. I was new to both the geographical area of Durham Tees Valley plus the organisation, having worked within the West Midlands for much of my probation career. Prior to joining DTV, I was an Assistant Chief Officer in the second largest Probation Trust - Staffordshire and West Midlands, for just over five years. In this role I held various responsibilities including running one of nine local delivery units; managing one of the largest court complexes in the UK; being the senior lead for the service Guns and Gangs unit; senior lead manager for Trust Interventions and its Effective Practice agenda - looking at more innovative ways to supervise the people we work with and deploying the latest desistance research, translating theory into practice, amongst other things. I have also recently completed a Masters in Applied Criminology, Penology & Management at Cambridge University and we are in the process of utilising my learning within DTV CRC using an evidence informed theoretical approach to rehabilitation.

Since I joined DTV we have seen a change of ownership of the CRC and the biggest change in organisational terms within probation, with the split between CRC's and the National Probation Service. These are both difficult and exciting times for probation services and with the combined talents and expertise of the ARCC partners, plus the experience of my senior team, I believe DTV CRC are well placed to deliver effective rehabilitation services to our communities.

John Graham, Director of Operations

John has extensive experience as a practitioner and as an operational manager. Latterly he was a key member of the project team that delivered the successful ARCC bid for DTV CRC, following which he became Head of Business Development for the company. In June 2016 he was appointed to the new role of Director of Operations, with responsibility for ensuring the development and implementation of the strategic plan to deliver all participant rehabilitation and reintegration services across the DTV area.

John's goal is for DTV CRC to deliver a service that is recognised as the "best in class".

Alison Thompson, Director of Finance

Alison joined DTV CRC in April 2018 and has extensive experience in finance and corporate support functions previously working in the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP), Marine Management Organisation (part of DEFRA) and the NHS. She is a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (ICAEW) and has held Board positions in a number of organisations.

Alison joins the CRC at an exciting time as the organisation prepares for a second round of contracts and is looking forward to supporting the Board’s bid while ensuring that what is proposed is affordable by providing robust financial information.  Alison has a wide range of experience and has always delivered the highest quality financial controls. She has taken over experienced teams and improved the financial outlook and has also built teams from the ground up.

Alison's experience includes Engineering, supporting small and medium sized companies, National Insurance, Child Support and she can also tell you more about the effects of scallop dredging on the sea bed than you probably want to know. For the last 3 years Alison has been protecting the finances and supporting the delivery of world class healthcare in the NHS.

If there is one common thread in Alison's career it is in the improvement of the knowledge, skill and confidence of the financial team as staff development is close to her heart. Alison’s achievements include implementing strong financial environments and reporting in all areas she has worked, developing good working relationships with external and internal auditors, risk management, strategic planning and administering European fisheries grants.


Updated on Thursday August 16, 2018.